Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Perfect Poems Using Imagery

Imagery is a major component of any poetry. Words, our senses of experience in a vivid, sensual reaction. We must use more than visual images, even if they are present in most writing. A well-written poem raises smell, touch, sound and / or taste. In other words, the "show, do not tell" is the general rule in poems.

One way to develop the ability to create images, create images of words, is to develop our imagination. If we can only learn to "see" in our minds what we want to share, writing that the mental image becomes lighter. Play with your senses, scenes, moods, issues, concepts and faces in our minds and our word frees our imagination and allows them to fly, to soar.

Crystal Cascades ~ by Mary O. Fumento, 1984

Soft upon my eyelashes
Turning my cheeks to pink
Softly falling, falling
Not a sound in the air

Delicately designed in snow
Fading away at my touch
Leaving only a glistening drop
And its memory

Ice Petals on Window Pane ~ by Mary O. Fumento, 2007

Ice petals on window pane
Sing your name today
I hear the soft lyrics
Hum along in internal way

You are there; I feel you
Ever present as the sky
Changing how you express
I know not how but why

You cover my every move
A gentle sheath, like breath
Barely there, yet everywhere
Protecting me to every depth


A was an Archer
who shot at a frong

B was a Butcher
who kept a bulldog

C was a Captain
all covered with lace

D was a Drummer
who played with much grace

E was an Esquire
with pride on his brow

F was a Farmer
who followed the plough

G was a Gamester
who had but ill-luck

H was a Hunter
and hunted a buck

I was an Italian
who had a white mouse

J was a Jointer
and built up a house

K was a King
so might and grand

L was a Lady
who had a white hand

M was a Miser
who hoarded up gold

N was a Nobleman
gallant and bold

O was an Organ boy
who played about town

P was a Parson
who wore a black gown

Q was a Queen
who was fond of her people

R was a Robin
who perched on a steeple

S was a Sailor
who spent all he got

T was a Tinker
who mended a pot

U was an Usher
who loved little boys

V was a Veteran
who sold pretty toys

W was a Watchmen
who guarded the door

X was eXpensive
and so becam poor

Y was a Youth
who did not love school

Z was a Zany
who looked a great fool


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